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"A warm, easy work of Americana that reflects on ideas of love and home, the record showcases Ilika’s vocal and lyrical capacity, layered with highly refined blues guitar and wailing organ and steel. The self-titled EP rings out with notes of both classic and contemporary alt-country sensibilities. It’s timeless, genre-defying, and worth a good long listen." regarding Jake Ilika & The Heavy Set EP

-KT Lindemann, Local Current Blogger, 89.3 The Current (link to article)

"An acoustic duo with killer vocals; their accessible original tunes explored topics like heartache and hard times, which blended nicely with a soulful cover of Nirvana’s “About a Girl.” regarding Tour Funk's Mid West Music Fest 2013 performance

-Andrea Swensson, Local Current Blogger, 89.3 The Current (link to article)

“It’s a lot of fun to hear a songwriter as good as Ilika challenge a band only to see them give life to his music and then come back for more. If that only forces Ilika to raise his game even higher, then what we have here is the start of something very special.” regarding Jake Ilika & The Heavy Set EP

-Rich Larson, Southern Minnesota Scene Magazine, March 2014 (link to article

"Jake has a rare talent that commands attention from everyone in the room from the first note of each of his sets.  He is as gracious and humble a performer as he is a talented artist.  His versatility is astounding, he surrounds himself with many of the best players in the region, and has assembled lineups that play everything from old-school country to keyboard-laden dance rock.  For over a year, he has held down a Wednesday night residency at the pub, and each week he surprises show goers with special guests, fresh projects and quality music that keeps people coming back to see what he has up his sleeve." 

- Ed Hoffman, owner and manager of Ed's (no Name) Bar, Winona, MN.